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How it works

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1. Make a Booking

Bookings are for 55 minutes, starting on the hour with 50 minutes of exercise time and 5 minutes to clear up and leave the paddock, ensuring that there is no overlap with other users.

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2. Arrive at the time booked

Bring the code you have been given for the paddock lock. If you are coming on a weekend, you will also be given a code for the farm entrance gate.

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3. Keep your dog on a lead

Please keep your dog on a lead until you are securely in the paddock. Only enter the paddock if it is empty, if not please wait in your car.

(One car permitted inside the field on designated track, if desired)


4. Enjoy time with your dog

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5. At the end of your session

Please leave the paddock tidy and pick up any dog waste before you leave. Put your dog back on a lead before leaving the paddock and until you are back in your car.

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